Best Actors Film Festival


The 2015 Best Actors Film Festival


Best Actors Film Festival, located in San Francisco, California  is that rare festival celebration that places its emphasis upon on-screen talent.  

Actors bring the film to life, guided by the Director.  With a slew of exciting and competitive categories Best Actors Film Festival is an experience unlike anything else on the festival circuit.  You can submit your film for one or all categories.  Best Actors Film Festival enjoys being an international festival with submissions from over 20 countries.  

Attended by actors, directors, casting agents and film loving audiences from around the world, this festival is an unparalleled opportunity to network with people who fully understand, respect, and value the craft of performance.  With every film submission the Actors are considered for the top honor of the Festival.  Best Actor of the Festival. Best Young Actor of the Festival.

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2015 Festival has new awards for you.

Best Actors Reel Award and Best Directors Reel Award.

The Best Young Actor and Best Actor Award.